Make hot tubbing part of your Christmas Eve tradition

Christmas Eve is upon us. As the hustle and bustle of the holiday winds down and you take time to gather with friends & loved ones, how about making the hot tub part of your celebration?

Something that will definitely help make it a holiday event is hot spiced apple cider. Yum! Not only will it keep your body warm and toasty indoors, it will also taste delicious in the crisp cold night while you soak. We found a terrific easy way to make spiced cider that will also create a fantastic aroma in your house before you head out to the hot tub. It just smells like the holidays!

How simple is this?

Crock Pot Spiced Apple Cider—Take one or two oranges and pierce the skins with cloves. Next, get a good bottle of apple cider (NOT apple juice!) and pour it in your crock pot. Place the clove-infused oranges in the cider and turn the crock pot on for about four hours. When ready to serve, pour in mugs and add a cinnamon stick to each mug.

Start this before your guests arrive and it will fill the house with the scent of apple and cloves, and get everyone in the mood to grab a mug and head to the hot tub for a Silent Night.

From all of us at Oregon Hot Tub, we wish you the very best of holidays. And, our sincere thanks for your business and support over the last 34 years.