Make your dreams come true with a custom sauna designed for your home

It’s sauna month at Oregon Hot Tub! With the changing of the leaves and the crisper climate upon us, it’s the perfect time to think about enjoying a sauna in the comfort of your own home every night. Did you know that hot tub can design a custom sauna room for your home?

Finnleo Saunas, the world’s largest manufacturer, employs a team of expert woodworkers at their US facility in Minnesota. These craftsmen can take any space you have in your home and create the sauna of your dreams!

Finnleo uses only the finest Nordic White Spruce to create your sauna space. All the sauna components that will contact your skin when heated are made of Abachi. This fabulous hard wood, from the Ivory Coast of Africa, will not splinter or get too hot to the touch. This insures your skin will not burn, enhancing enjoyment. Both woods are highly durable for years of use and stay looking beautiful over time.

The entire room is created for you: walls, ceiling and interior trim; pre-assembled benches, headrests and backrests; the appropriate Finnleo sauna heater with Vulcanite rocks, controls, bucket  & ladle; interior lighting; bronze glass tinted door.

Here’s how it works:

R Identify a room in your home or a space you want to transform into your own hotel quality steam sauna.

R Provide Oregon Hot Tub with the measurements of the space (width, length & height). Or, if you’re unsure of how to measure your space, contact us to send a member of our team to do the measuring for you.

R Then, Finnleo goes to work designing your sauna. They create the ideal way to capitalize on the space with appropriate benches, lighting and the correct sauna to turn the cubic foot of your space into a toasty paradise.

R Once we fine tune the design with you to get all the details just the way you like them, Finnleo’s craftsmen go to work creating your custom room.

R In about three weeks, your custom sauna will be shipped directly to your home for installation by your contractor.

That’s it! In about a month’s time, you can transform that little used space or room into the sauna you’ve always dreamed of owning. It will be a stunning improvement for your home, and a stunning improvement on your health and well-being.

Here’s a terrific bonus: Finnleo is the only sauna manufacturer licensed to create a custom InfraSauna for your home, too! InfraSaunas combine the ability to choose from using a traditional steam heater for that classic sauna experience OR their ultra-safe patented CarbonFlex infrared heating. You can have two saunas in one! Everyone in your home will get the perfect sauna experience they desire.

Forget about “sweating to the oldies”! Time to sweat away the stress of the day in your very own Finnleo Custom Cut Sauna! Contact us today and we’ll get to work creating the sauna of your dreams.