Make a swim spa part of your triathlon training

Triathlon season is just around the corner. Conditioning your body to peak performance for each leg of your race is always a challenge and a reward. Consider making a swim spa part of your training for the big day.

Using a swim spa will absolutely help you get the edge for the swim portion of a triathlon. Using the jets to create increasingly stronger currents to swim against will prepare you for whatever you might endure when it comes time to take the plunge during the race.

If you know what the water temperature will roughly be at the time of year you’ll be competing, you can adjust the temperature of your swim spa to help mimic the body of water’s temp. This will help you mentally prepare for how cold the water might be, as well as help you decide what you might gear up in for the swim portion of your race.

In order to help time your swim, you might consider purchasing one of Garmin’s Swim Watches. This great watch will detect your type of swim stroke automatically. It will track your lengths, strokes & distance as you train. And, when you’re done, you can wirelessly upload your workout data—time, pace, and track your efficiency.

A swim spa will also give you the edge on the transition from swim to cycle. You can stage your bike near your swim spa, “compete” in the first leg of the race in your swim spa, then work on your transition from water to bike.

If you’re a triathlete, consider investing in your own Hydropool Swim Spa. If this type of competition is your passion, a swim spa makes perfect sense for training, conditioning, and—just as importantly—for your post-training reward to soak away any muscle and joint soreness. Take a moment to swing by (or bike over to!) your nearest Oregon Hot Tub showroom. Feel free to bring your suit and hop into a swim spa for a test swim. We guarantee you’ll love it!