Light therapy adds extra health boost to your sauna experience

Did you know…? Light therapy (also known as phototherapy or heliotherapy) is an alternative way to boost the health benefits of sauna use?

Studies have shown that different colors of lighting can help the human body with a variety of health issues. From seasonal affective disorder (or SAD—common to many in the Northwest in the darker days of winter) to immune system and circulation, light is emerging as a naturopathic boost to humans. It’s one of the reasons many Finnleo Saunas include color light systems as a standard option.

Here’s a rundown on the reported benefits of light therapy:

  • Red—Assists with circulation, as well as increases enthusiasm and natural arousal. (Definitely a “feel good” color!
  • Blue—Can not only have an anti-bacterial affect…as a calming color, it also helps with sleep and headaches. (One of the reasons blue is recommended as a paint color for bedrooms.)
  • Green—The calming next door neighbor to blue helps reduce inflammation and is calming for the heart. (Good for reduction of swelling of joints & tissues.)
  • Turquoise—This is the color that aids in spirituality. It’s also known to help regulate imbalances in lungs and large intestines.
  • Violet—Excellent for mediation! Will also help promote good lymphatic function and could be helpful for menopause.
  • Yellow—Great for toxin processing. Also good for proper endocrine function.

Color light therapy is a standard feature of all Finnleo traditional steam Passport Saunas, and is also included in all of our exclusive infrared saunas. Our infrared line is also known for the lowest EMF/ER emissions, exceeding strict Swedish standards. There is not a safer infrared line available! Light therapy is also available on any custom cut sauna we design.

Take your sauna sessions to the next level with color light therapy. Everybody needs all the help with health we can get, right? Visit us today and check our entire line of Finnleo Saunas.