Know someone who is a rescue worker? A sauna is a must!

Rescue workers get exposed to a variety of toxins that are harmful to the human body. Chemical exposure, smoke inhalation, asbestos, fumes released by chemical agents and more are all things that can impact a rescue worker’s overall health and well-being.

A sauna can absolutely help expel these harmful toxins and keep rescue workers in better health!

One of the most compelling studies regarding sauna use for rescue workers was conducted using over 500 of the rescue workers involved in the recovery operations during the World Trade Center incident. During that event, firemen, policemen, clean-up workers and others involved with the effort were exposed too all manner of toxins. The resulting effects of this were significant: respiratory distress, pulmonary problems, depression, irritability, cognitive disorders and gastrointestinal issues were all noted amongst the workers.

For a three year period after the clean-up was completed a group of these rescue workers participated in a sauna detox program. Prior to the start of the program, these workers on average experienced the following:

  • Missed at least two days of work each month
  • Experienced an average of 4.4 days where activity was limited for them
  • Had high “symptom severity scores”. The scoring involved 10 trackers, including respiratory, cognitive, musculoskeletal and emotional issues.
  • Half of the involved participants used some type of medication to manage their physical issues.

During the 33 day treatment period, all participants used a sauna daily for the express purpose of detoxification of toxins that had built up in their systems. The results after the treatment period had ended were significant:

  • The time missed at worked dropped to an average of 0.2 days!
  • All “symptom severity scores” dropped dramatically
  • Significant improvements were noted in reaction time, balance and thyroid function. Even IQ increased in test subjects.
  • Most amazing—84% of the participants were able to discontinue drug use because their symptoms had cleared up!


If you know someone (and most of us do) that is a rescue worker—police, EMT, firefighter and others—share this study with them! What better way for them to take care of all the things they can potentially be exposed to than by taking a daily session in their own Finnleo Sauna? They absolutely deserve it for what they do for the rest of us. Visit us today to learn more!