Kids want a pool? Try a swim spa instead

Spring & summer are just around the corner. Ever get those whiny questions from kids about having a swimming pool at home…? Maybe the answer is a swim spa!

 Installing a swim spa gives you the best of all worlds. You get the benefit of a big body of water installed in your backyard for thousands of dollars less than installing an in-ground pool (probably tens of thousands!). Because a swim spa doesn’t require plumbing and can sit on a concrete pad, it is far easier to install a swim spa. Power requirements are also less prohibitive.

 The versatility of a swim spa is also great for the whole family. It can become the centerpiece of weekend entertaining for the kids, the place older kids retreat to after soccer, football, or other sports they participate in. If you have avid swimmers in the family, it gives you a chance to fulfill the urge for a dip in a “pool” on the spur of the moment.

 If any of your kids has the misfortune to injure themselves during their sports participation, a swim spa can aid in rehabilitative stretching and exercising, helping them get back on the field or court faster.

 Kids can also be taught water safety with a swim spa. Contact your local YMCA for a connection to someone educated in water safety, or a lifeguard willing to come to your home to teach responsible ways to participate in water recreation. Learning ways to be safe in and around water will build confidence in both your kids who may have some fear of the water, and in you, knowing you’ve armed them with the knowledge to be safe. (Getting neighbors and other family friends involved in water safety instruction will help cut the cost of hiring a water safety pro.)

 Warmer days are ahead! It’s time to start thinking how to increase the value and use of your backyard in your home. We have a complete line of TidalFit Swim Spas available, along with pros that can visit your home and find the right answer for you and your family. Visit us today, and bring the kids along. You’ll be ready to take a dive in no time!