Keep Colds & Flu at Bay this Season with Your Sauna

Cold and flu season is again just around the corner. While getting a flu vaccine, making sure you’re getting a good daily dose of vitamin C, and plenty of rest will help your immune system ward off colds and flu, a sauna can also be your friend.

Why? Viruses tend to thrive in colder conditions; hence the reason colds & flu are more frequent in fall and winter months. It’s been found that raising your body’s core temperature will help prevent those viruses from taking hold. Higher temps keep them from replicating in the body. And, it never hurts to sweat those toxins out of your system—any residual germs taking hold will likely be flushed as well.

Fatigue is one of the other things that tend to help viruses find the foundation to start attacking your immune system. Not only does sauna use boost your body’s natural immune response, it will also help ward off fatigue.

A traditional steam sauna is ideal to inhibit virus replication. A sauna session heated to 175 degrees or higher used 3-4 times per week would give your body an excellent added defense against cold & flu. However, even daily use of an infrared sauna will boost your body’s immune responses and flush the toxins necessary to give you the best chances to keep colds & flu at bay.

If you don’t have a sauna at home, consider it! Our line of Finnleo Saunas is easy to set up in a room in your home, and many only require a standard household outlet to operate. Why not give yourself a little bit of an in-home spa experience and defend against the cold & flu at the same time? We promise you’ll love it!

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