It’s just around the corner! Watch the Perseid Meteor Shower from your hot tub

One of the best sky shows is just around the corner! August is the time of year when the Perseid meteor shower arrives for its performance in the heavens. And, as always, we think one of the best ways to take in this exciting show is from the comfort of your very own Hot Spring Spa.

There’s really something very elemental about combining the buoyancy of soaking in hot water and taking in the night sky. Add the extra display provided by Perseid, and you have the perfect night of entertainment and appreciation for the world around us.

Luckily, usually one of the best places to view the Perseids is in the Northern Hemisphere. Unluckily for us, sometimes the Northwest may be a bit cloudy to fully enjoy the shower. Let’s all hope for some excellent cloudless nights between August 11th and 12th—this year’s prime viewing time in the greater Portland area. Checking moonrise and moonset times are also smart, so you seize the best times to view the show.

If you talk to most astronomers, they’re going to recommend viewing the shower right before dawn, which tends to be the optimal time to see the greatest number of meteors streaking across the sky.

For those especially keen on the “geek” side of things, here’s a table showing the best times/directions/altitudes for this year’s light show:

Time Azimuth/Direction Altitude
Monday, August 11th—5:00 a.m. 44° 68.7°
Monday, August 11th—9:00 p.m. 17° 17.0°
Monday, August 11th—10:00 p.m. 25° 20.7°
Monday, August 11th—11:00 p.m. 31° 25.6°
Tuesday, August 12th—12:00 a.m. 37° 31.6°
Tuesday, August 12th—1:00 a.m. 42° 38.3°
Tuesday, August 12th—2:00 a.m. 46° 45.7°
Tuesday, August 12th—3:00 a.m. 49° 53.5°
Tuesday, August 12th—4:00 a.m. 49° 61.5°

Treat yourself to one of the best displays you can enjoy from you hot tub! Happy stargazing!