Jack’s First 30 Days of Infrared Sauna Use

I wanted to report back to everyone on my first full 30 days of non-stop use of my Finnleo Low EMR/EF Infrared Sauna. First off, I love it!!!  Secondly, my sauna sweat has become a daily routine that I cannot do without!

Usually, I am in my sauna (each and every evening – no exception) for 40-45 minutes.  I use my sauna at about 130-140 degrees for maximum sweating.  This usually starts about 18-20 minutes in and the perspiration is very intense within 5 minutes.  I bring in a bottle of cold ice water (which stays cold, surprisingly, during the entire sauna) and hydrate while sweating.  I leave the chromatherapy colored lights on “loop” mode and they slowly cycle through the various colors.  I use a hand towel for constant wipe down of my skin and I also sit on a fluffy towel to absorb moisture before getting to the bench.

I can truly report the follow results to date:

  • I sweat, sweat, sweat.  It’s easy to understand when you’ve totally saturated a large hand towel with perspiration at how much your body is flushing clean your system (and easing the work of kidneys).
  • I’ve noticed back pain relief and other nagging pains disappear almost immediately (within the first 2-3 uses)
  • My skin is much, much softer and has a natural glow to it. My girlfriend definately has noticed how different and better my skin feels and looks.
  • It’s much easier to breath NATURALLY and DEEPLY than in traditional saunas (even though your body is sweating like crazy at the higher temps!)
  • When I get out of the sauna and after a cold shower, there’s a natural euphroria I feel as well that last until I fall asleep (I do not sauna right before bed as I notice it energizes me as well for about an hour or two so usually sauna in early evening).
  • I’ve lost about 5 lbs without making any other significant changes to my diet or exercise routine.
  • I’m drinking much more water generally now.
  • I’ve also noticed a more mood stabilizing effect.  Overall I feel more relaxed and less stressed throughout the day and when does stress occurs, it tends to be less intense.
  • I’ve noticed the COLD water when showering right afterwards has become much less “cold”.  It’s hard to explain, but after each sauna session now when I take a cold shower plunge (and I mean COLD when you first turn on the tap COLD), I do not notice it as much as I did when I first started to sauna…it’s much more bearable and soothing almost

I will say on Day 25, I did come down with a slight cold.  I continued to use my sauna during the 2-3 days the cold was at it’s worst.  I can report that using the sauna would knock back the cold symptoms quite a bit and I felt stronger after using it for the next few hours until bed.

(And my cat loves it as well and usually joins me for at least 10-15 minutes a night.)