Introducing the Gleam™—Hot Spring’s grandest hot tub of all

We at Oregon Hot Tub are excited! 2013 marks the introduction of a whole new Hot Spring Spa—the Gleam. This new tub, part of Hot Spring’s Limelight Collection, will make you the envy of your neighbors and help make your back yard the social hub.

The Gleam is not for the small-minded. To wrap your head around this amazing tub and all its fabulous features, you must think big. With seating for 7-8, it’s an impressive 9’2” X 7’7” and holds 550 gallons. This is the tub for someone who wants their tub to do it all: provide excellent massage and relaxation, become the quiet spot to reconnect with loved ones, and accommodate terrific back yard celebrations and parties.

Hot Spring took this opportunity to introduce many terrific new features not found throughout the rest of their best-selling line. Consider these bonus features found in the Gleam:

  • Ultimate jetting. This is the first model to sport over 70 jets in a Hot Spring Spa. The combinations of jets were thoughtfully placed to give the ultimate massage. New jetting configurations target areas unique to this model, including thighs, glutes, and a special array to target the entire shoulder blade area. As a special bonus, this is the first Limelight Collection model to feature Hot Spring’s revolutionary Moto-Massage DX Jet —the only jet to sweep up and down your back for a terrific massage like no other.
  • Ultimate comfort. The great seating arrangement in this tub allows something for everyone: An incredibly comfortable lounge seat, expansive corner seats, and the first time addition of a special love seat—perfect for reconnecting with a loved one or a quiet conversation in the peace and quiet at the end of the day. A cool down seat allows for easy entry to and exit from the tub, for safety and peace of mind.
  • Ultimate power. This is also the first Hot Spring model with a four pump system, to ensure you get terrific jet pressure and still maintain Hot Spring’s ability to keep your water crystal clear. The Gleam features three 2.5 horsepower pumps to drive the jets; Hot Spring’s popular SilentFlo 5000 circulation pump keeps your water clean and ready for use 24 hours a day.
  • Ultimate ambience. The Gleam features the Raio multi-light system with six colors of interior lighting to choose from. And, for the first time, exterior lighting on the tub’s Everwood Cabinet corners allows for pleasant back yard lighting. In fact, it’s even designed to be schedule for illumination six hours each evening, to give your back yard a magical glow in the dark night. The Vidro water feature will enhance each soak or party with its backlit sheet of water cascading into the body of the tub.
  • Ultimate cleanliness. With the ability to use either Hot Spring’s tried and true EverFresh System (virtually chlorine free water care) or the latest in water care technology—our ACE Salt Water System, you’ll be soaking each night in safe water that’s cleaned naturally. In fact, it’s the only tub in the industry’s “grand” category that has the option of integrated salt water care!

We could go on…but really, the best way to witness the splendor of the Gleam is to check it out firsthand in one of our showrooms. The Gleam will arrive sometime this month at Oregon Hot Tub, and we really just can’t wait…can you?