Introducing Hot Spring’s new hot tub for 2012: The Bolt

Hot Spring Spas began 35 years ago in 1977. Their goal at the time was simple: create the most energy efficient portable hot tub that would provide terrific hydrotherapy—and do it all with 110V power. This year, Hot Spring introduces a new tub in its Limelight© Collection that honors its heritage—the Bolt™.

We’re really excited about this tub! Designed with seating for four, the Bolt is the perfect hot tub for those that want a tub that isn’t too big or too small—as Goldilocks would say, it’s “just right”. Its 6’8” X 6’8” size allows it to fit into a backyard or patio without dominating the space. And, as the first 110V tub in the Limelight Collection, it allows you to enjoy terrific contemporary styling in a small package: sleek lines, yummy timeless shell colors, unique LED points of light scattered through the tub to mimic stars in the night sky, cushy headrests, and the ability to integrate wireless entertainment. Plus, you can relax in clean, sparkling natural water with Hot Spring’s exclusive ACE Salt Water System.

The Bolt is not only contemporary, it’s also green. The 2012 Limelight Collection features a new substructure made of polymeric recycled materials. There is no wood in the unit that can ever rot over time, and ends the use of forested lumber for hot tub manufacturing. It also features another Hot Spring revolutionary innovation: FiberCor™ Insulation. This insulation is 100% recyclable, and retires the traditional petroleum-based foam insulation standard in the hot tub industry. It replaces ½ lb foam insulation with material that now can insulate the same as 2 lb insulation—four times the density! Not only is it greener, but it increases energy efficiency and serviceability for the hot tub owner.

 Think we’re excited about the new Bolt? You bet we are! If you’re looking for ways to relax your life in 2012, the Bolt is the answer. Visit one of our stores today and check out the entire line of Hot Spring Spas. Learn why more Hot Spring Spas have been sold worldwide than any other brand—and why Hot Spring continues to lead the hot tub industry in innovation and energy efficiency. We’ll see you soon!