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Exercise is a critical part of staying in shape, feeling good and boosting energy levels. However, sometimes the same old routine can become boring, making it less likely that we will want to do it.

Before letting your hard earned work go down the drain, consider changing things up a bit by adding a hot tub to your exercise regimen. Not sure how? Here’s how to turn the heat up on an exercise routine with the hot tub that’s sure to have you running for a towel in no time.

Cross Train For Faster, More Obvious Results – The same old routine, no matter how challenging, will eventually stop delivering the results you’re looking for. It’s not a question of you working any less, but rather, that your muscles are learning how to respond more efficiently. In other words, if you intend on moving past your fitness plateau, you will need to change things up. Aquatic exercise is a fantastic way to cross train without having to change much of anything. The natural resistance of the water requires you to use different muscle groups for the same activities you do on land. For instance, jogging in place, even stretching in the water, causes your muscles to respond in different ways than with traditional exercise.

Balance A Workout Effortlessly – Using a hot tub to exercise is a simple way to get a balanced workout without having to coordinate exercises. Resistance causes multiple muscle groups to work simultaneously, which helps target a wide range of muscles all at the same time. There’s no need to worry about muscle imbalance and in less time, it’s possible to work twice as many muscles as you can out of water. Balanced exercise will help you develop stronger, more flexible muscles and get the lean shape you’re looking for faster.

Enjoy Your Workout and Recover Faster – Who wouldn’t want to head for the hot tub to work out? Exercise should be fun and engaging, and the hot tub makes it a little less of a chore. Besides, with heat and massage, muscles are relaxed, loose and more responsive. That means that after your workout is complete, you’ll recover faster and be on your way without stiffness or sore muscles that often accompany a tough routine.

With bands for strength training, walking or jogging in place and a variety of stretching techniques, there’s no end to the possibilities that can be explored by using a hot tub for exercise. The perfect environment for low impact cardio with high results, a hot tub is a great way to cross train and jumpstart a routine gone bad. The hot tub provides natural resistance which helps balance a workout and is a great way to relax and recover afterwards.

Clackamas Hot Tubs, Swim Spas Sale Clackamas

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