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These days, who isn’t trying to make improvements to health and well being? Most of us watch what we eat (at least some of the time), exercise and try to avoid poor lifestyle choices like smoking or drinking alcohol in excess. But here’s something you may not know.

Sitting in the warm and relaxing environment of a sauna on a regular basis can actually improve cardiovascular performance. It’s true. And that racquetball game you have scheduled with your colleague next week – it could use all the help you can bring. Here is how to use a sauna for increased cardiovascular performance.

Bring on the Heat – One of the defining characteristics of the sauna is intense heat. And it’s this consistent, yet gentle and prolonged heat that conditions the body. Here’s how. Within a few minutes of sitting in the sauna, core body temperature increases. As a result, blood vessels dilate and cardiac output improves.

As the heart rate increases, the heart muscles are becoming stronger to withstand the increased output and cardiovascular conditioning takes place. The stronger your heart, the better you perform.

Burn Extra Calories – Maintaining a healthy body weight is the key to improved cardiovascular output. That means that a few extra pounds here or there may make it more difficult for you to do the things you enjoy. Certainly a few pounds will not stop you from living life, but if you’re looking for optimal cardiovascular performance, that five or ten pounds will hold you back. The good news is using a sauna can help you drop the extra weight by burning more calories. Sweating requires energy and is always a sure fire way to promote weight loss – realistic weight loss. While you won’t wake up in the morning three sizes smaller, you can enhance a weight loss strategy with a sauna.

Improve Sleep – Yes, there is a connection between cardiovascular performance and sleep. In fact, when the body is well rested, it performs noticeably better than when it is sleep deprived. So plan a good night’s sleep and use a sauna a few hours before retiring to maximize your body’s ability to nourish and repair while you dream. The warmth, comfort and relaxing qualities of the sauna are the perfect catalyst to a long, restful and nourishing sleep – exactly how to get the high performing output you need to be your best. A relaxing session in the sauna releases endorphins and raises core body temperature. When you are ready to sleep, a sharp decline in temperature alerts the body that it’s time to rest, making the transition from awake to sleep effortless.

When cardiovascular performance is at its maximum output and the body is at its best, we feel strong, invincible and ready to face the challenges that lie ahead. Take advantage of a well known trick for being your best and using a sauna to improve cardiovascular performance. Take charge of your body while enjoying the calm, comfort and warmth of relaxing in a sauna.

Saunas Portland, Sauna Sale Beaverton, OR

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