How Hot Tubs Increase Your Vacation Rental Property

As a rental property owner, it’s crucial you find ways to make your space more valuable. You can achieve this in many ways, but one often overlooked way is installing amenities. Guests are constantly searching for features that make a vacation rental stand out, but many properties lack the amenities to maintain their interest.

So how do you get quality guests interested in renting your place and keep them wanting to live there for years? You could start with a hot tub! Hot tubs are a surprisingly easy way to enhance your property and increase its overall value monetarily and for anyone looking for a place to rent. Here are a few ways this investment could reward you with more cash in your pocket.

More Amenities Justify Higher Premiums

Some vacation rental owners hesitate to invest in amenities, viewing them as superfluous expenditures. However, if your goal is to increase revenue from your holiday property, initial spending is often crucial for greater long-term earnings.

Installing a hot tub provides a compelling justification for raising the rental rate, a change that’s likely to be well-received by potential guests. The upfront cost of adding this feature can be offset by higher rates, eventually leading to additional profits from the installation itself.

Patio with hot tub and modern house

To gauge how much you could increase the nightly or weekly rate for your vacation rental, it’s worth comparing your property to similar ones that offer hot tubs. You’ll probably notice a significant markup, offering you the opportunity for increased revenue over the long term. Catering to guests who are willing to pay for such premium features often results in more consistent and reliable bookings, ensuring financial stability for your vacation rental business in the long run.

Attractive Amenities

A lot gets lost in the noise of online rental property listings. Many places feel the same, look the same, or don’t offer enough to have someone stop and take notice. No rental property owner wants their listing to flounder, but sometimes you need something to give you that competitive edge — like a new hot tub!

Adding amenities like hot tubs can make your vacation rental more appealing and attract more bookings. Many vacationers are enticed by the idea of a unique and luxurious way to relax during their stay, so featuring a hot tub as part of your property’s offerings will likely pique interest. If your aim is to encourage repeat bookings from satisfied guests, amenities like this are a fantastic way to keep them happy.

In Oregon’s climate, hot tubs have a distinct advantage over many other outdoor amenities — they can be enjoyed year-round. Unlike swimming pools, which are often limited to the warmer months, a hot tub can be a selling point in every season. This year-round utility makes it a particularly attractive feature for guests and more cost-effective for you as the property owner, making the investment in a hot tub a win-win situation.Hot tub with wooden privacy wall next to a brick house

Affordability Without Sacrificing Quality

Buying a new hot tub doesn’t need to be expensive, you’ll be glad to hear that many reasonably priced options don’t skimp on quality. A good example is Freeflow® Spas. Many of the hot tubs from their line are affordable while still providing exceptional comfort and performance for your guests. 

Investing in a new hot tub does not need to be as challenging or as scary as it may seem. There are hot tubs to fit all budgets with additional reasonable financing options if needed. 

Space can be another issue, but not when purchasing a Freeflow® or Hot Spring® Spa. Freeflow® makes mini spas that can fit on smaller patios or even balconies, while Hot Spring® has such a vast selection of incredible tubs that you’re bound to find the perfect fit. Buying from a reputable hot tub company ensures you get the most from your new investment.

Boost Your Rental Property Revenue Today With Oregon Hot Tubs

Is your rental property missing a desirable element to attract the right guests? Invest in a new, quality hot tub from Oregon Hot Tubs! Contact us today to learn more about our models, including the incredible Freeflow® and Hot Spring® brands mentioned above, and we’ll help you find a match that’ll turn your property into the right tenant’s new dream home! We have various locations around the Portland and Vancouver metro area!