How about a sauna…for socializing??

We should all take a page from the Finn’s book, and use the sauna for more than just a good sweat. How about using it as a place to socialize?

Last December The Wall Street Journal published an article about the rising popularity of installing saunas at home. One of the more interesting aspects of the article for me was the section mentioning the use of the sauna as a social venue.

Of course, one of the examples cited for using a sauna for social reasons was found in Washington, DC at the Finnish Embassy. A sauna was considered a must have for the embassy, and was installed in 1994. About twice a month on Fridays, invitations are extended to a mix of reporters and politicians to partake in the sauna. The mix of guests attending is switched up with each successive sauna soiree. After a good stay in the 190 degree hot box, the guests emerge to shower and enjoy a buffet while bartenders serve up fruit juices, and stronger spirits like cold beer and vodka.

Reading the article made me think back a couple of years to a conversation I had at a home show with a Russian gentleman interested in purchasing a sauna. He had been in the U.S. for about ten years, and he was finally settling into a home in the States where he could have his own sauna installed—one of the top things he missed about life in Russia. He explained to me that, in his country, the sauna was a pay off to a hard week’s work. He would invite friends over, they would recount the week and discuss what was to come for the weekend—all while releasing the week’s tension through a good sweat in the sauna. (Now, he insisted the sauna be at least 99 degrees Celsius, which translates to 210 degrees Fahrenheit!) They would wrap up the night with “good food and excellent vodka”.

If you’ve been thinking about a sauna, they’re clearly the “in” thing in home improvement. They could also become the new social center of your house. Think of family conversations in the sauna, inviting friends over for a good healthy sweat and some good chats…then wrap things up with a great dinner and good times. Your kids could invite friends over after their football game or soccer match…a unique way to have fun (and know where your kids are!).

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