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With the stress of the holidays behind us and the last decoration back in the box and on its way down to the basement, it’s time to step back and reflect. Okay- now it’s time to get down to a little well deserved after holiday pampering.

Work schedules are back on track, the kids are back in school and it’s never been a better time to re-group, re-charge and re-vitalize a tired body and spirit. If you’re ready for the relaxation to begin, here are three no-fail ways to get the stress out with some after holiday pampering.

Splurge on a Great Hair Cut and Style – Sometimes a long holiday filled with shopping, cooking and visiting can do a number on your appearance. After the holidays – when things have calmed down – is the right time to splurge on a great hair cut and style from that trendy salon downtown. And as a bonus, there are probably great deals and discounts too, making it even easier to stock up on the product you love so much but can’t afford.

Go For a Stress Relieving Facial Treatment – Sure, a day at the spa sounds great, but so soon after the holidays, who has the time or the money to spend? Luckily, as an after holiday incentive, most spas offer one time deals where you can purchase one treatment at a significant discount. The deals are deep because of the sharp drop in business that most retailers experience a few days and weeks after holiday shopping has ceased. Capitalize on these deals and get yourself hooked up with a stress relieving facial or an environmental facial and look years younger in less than an hour.

Targeted Massage From the Hot Tub – Take the breather you’ve been waiting for all season with a total all over body massage in the hot tub. It’s better than the spa- it’s right in the back yard, it’s available without an appointment and it’s ready and waiting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A personalized massage from the hot tub melts away stress, eliminates pain and stiffness and leaves you feeling recharged and revitalized. With heat, massage and buoyancy, you get the total hydrotherapy treatment right from the comforts of home. A twenty minute soak and tension is gone from the shoulders and aches and pains are a distant memory.

After battling the crowds, feeding the masses and keeping it all together, it’s time to finally relax. Now that the holidays are over and life has once again resumed some sort of normalcy, it’s time to invest a little time in you. Take in some stress relieving after holiday pampering with a great new hairdo, that spa treatment you couldn’t afford and a stress reducing, ultra relaxing personal massage complements of the hot tub.

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