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Alleviate Stress From the Hot Tub


From relieving physical and emotional stress to easing muscle pain, the therapeutic benefits of a hot tub are tough to ignore. When daily stressors lead to pain or discomfort, here’s how a soak in the spa can help keep your health on track.

Hydrotherapy Can Calm Tense, Overworked Muscles

Day-to-day life creates tension pain in the muscles—even if you’re not overly stressed out. Standing upright for long periods of time places pressure on the lower back and feet, while sitting hunched over a computer can cause intense pain in the neck and shoulders. Rather than reach for prescription medication, many people turn to the hot tub for relief. A relaxing soak in the spa is the perfect remedy, easing tension pain and calming tense, overworked muscles naturally.

Relax for Heart Health

Elevated stress has been linked to serious health conditions like heart disease, stroke and depression. Taking a few minutes to unwind and relax in the spa at the end of the day is a smart way to keep heightened stress at bay for cardiovascular health. Alone or with a spouse, a soak offers personalized massage, heat therapy for pain relief and buoyancy to ease pressure from sore limbs.

Increase Stress-Busting Hormones

When the body experiences stress, it responds by releasing an important hormone called dopamine. But, when dopamine levels are low, handling even a small amount of stress is difficult. Luckily, soaking in warm water encourages dopamine production, meaning you can fight the consequences of tension and anxiety simply by relaxing the body in the family spa. With elevated heat and personalized massage, just a few minutes is enough to keep dopamine levels high.

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