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How a Hot Tub Can Ease Back Pain

Soaking in warm water eases pain, encourages blood flow and promotes relaxation. For people suffering with low back pain, this is great news! Regular hydrotherapy, like in the spa, is the key to long lasting relief. Here’s how soaking in the hot tub can help ease even the worst back pain.

Sustained, Elevated Heat

One of the defining characteristics of the modern hot tub is sustained heat. Unlike a bath that begins to drop in temperature the moment you get in, a hot tub stays hot for as long as you soak. With ergonomically designed seats, it’s easy to slip into the hot tub, ease into a comfortable position and let massaging water envelop the entire back for instant pain relief.

Caldera Spas Can Increase Back Flexibility

Unlike a temporary fix that reduces back pain in the short term, regular hydrotherapy in the spa increases back flexibility, relieves pain and improves overall back health for the long term. The more you soak, the less pain your experience, even when you’re put of the tub. A healthier, more flexible back leads to easier movement and increased range of motion.

Hydrotherapy Will Relax Tight, Stiff Back Muscles

Sometimes back pain is the result of overuse. We push ourselves a little too hard at the gym, struggle to carry heavy loads and rarely think about giving our back a break. Over time, back muscles can become tight and stiff, leading to pain and discomfort. A hot tub at home means you can relieve minor aches and pains on-demand from the privacy of home. Grab a towel and head out to the tub before starting the day, or take a long relaxing soak in the evening to ease a tired back before bed.

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