Hot Tubs Portland OR, Hot Tubs Portland Oregon – Make the Gray Days a Little Brighter with Some Easy Pampering

With the bright days of summer a distant memory and the sky looking a little dingy these days, it’s easy to slump over and sulk until spring. And that’s exactly why it’s important to find a few ways to pamper and indulge in some mood lifting activities. So leave the shades and the sun block behind and get ready to make the gray days a little brighter with some easy- and well deserved- pampering.

Feed Your Senses – Sometimes, all that’s needed for a little mood lifting shift is a few items to awaken the senses. Some relaxing, upbeat music, a great comfy, overstuffed pillow and a few scented candles can make even the gloomiest of days suddenly filled with possibilities. For relaxation and a leisurely break, there’s simply nothing better than stimulating the senses. Choose a calming scent like jasmine or vanilla and breathe slowly, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.

Hand and Foot Treatments – Nothing takes away the gloomy blues than a revitalizing hand and foot treatment. Don’t have the money for an expensive spa retreat? No problem. Create the pampering effects of the spa right from home with a few simple treatments for smoothing rough hands and easing tired feet. Homemade scrubs are super effective and can be as simple as coffee grinds and honey or oatmeal and ginger. The trick is to use the natural properties of the ingredient. For instance, some ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties while others are skin softeners. Brown sugar is a natural exfoliate that can be used in the shower to reveal soft and luxurious skin.

Lift the Spirits and De-Stress with a Soak in the Hot Tub – Easy, convenient and available 24 hours a day, the hot tub is an amazingly easy way to pamper and soothe. For instant stress relief, warm, massaging water targets tension in the back and shoulders, working out knots and relaxing tired, overworked muscles. For all over relaxing comfort, hot tub hydrotherapy works magic on people of all ages. And with a few added health benefits, taking a dip in the tub is more than a way to pamper and lift the spirits, but a smart strategy for enhancing a weight loss plan, fighting arthritis and keep type 2 Diabetes at bay.

Every one of us needs a pick me up once in awhile and there’s nothing quite like a few pampering activities to bring out the smiles. When the days are dark and gloomy, take a few minutes to feed the senses with some scented candles and pleasant music, revitalize tired feet and hands with a homemade body scrub and be sure to lift the spirits with a soothing, pain relieving and ultra relaxing dip in the hot tub.

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