Hot Tub Soaking Reduces Pain and Stress, Hot Tubs on Sale Wilsonville

For millions of people, a stiff neck or lower back pain is an everyday condition, but soaking in a hot tub is a fast, natural way to ease muscle and joint pain, particularly when it’s triggered by stress

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and tension,” said Kaylah Ruscigno, the company’s director of marketing.

Here are three ways to beat stress and reduce pain with a relaxing soak in a hot tub.

Hot Water Soaking Eases Pain on Contact – Stretching out in hot water is a proven way to ease muscle pain. Submerging the body in hot water allows elevated heat to permeate deep into muscles, where stiffness and pain generate. Muscles relax and joints begin to loosen within seconds. Relief is long-lasting, too, so even after exiting the tub, people can go about their day pain-free and feeling good.

Promote Healthy Blood Circulation – Elevated stress impacts how people feel and how efficiently the body works. When people are tense or anxious, blood vessels constrict, reducing much-needed oxygen to the body. Luckily, soaking in a hot tub increases blood flow boosting cardiovascular health. Use a spa on a regular basis to help healthy oxygen and nutrients get delivered to muscles, joints, and everywhere it’s needed.

Bring on the Endorphins – Many people have undoubtedly heard of runners high. In simple terms, it’s that “happy” feeling that comes from the body releasing hormones called endorphins. Endorphins interact with receptors in the brain to produce feelings of euphoria, eliminating pain naturally. Those who don’t or can’t run for exercise can soak in a hot tub to also boost endorphins. A safe way to ease tension and lower stress.

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