Hot Tubs Longview, Kelso Portable Spas

Hot Tubs Longview, Kelso Portable Spas

3 Important Tips for Buying a Hot Tub

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It’s an exciting moment when people decide to buy a hot tub. Visions of steamy, fun-filled hot tub parties, soothing nights and exciting days around the spa occupy thought, and sometimes make people forget to prepare for the big event. Here are three important tips for buying a hot tub.

Plan Before Your Spa Purchase

It’s tempting to run right out and grab the first hot tub available and have it delivered right away. Of course, it is tempting. Having a hot tub at home is tons of fun and an attractive part of any backyard entertainment area. That’s true, but it is very important to take a moment to plan out the space for a hot tub before going out and making that purchase.

Find just the right spot for the new hot tub. It should be close enough to the entryway that it is easy to access, but also have plenty of room around it so that it isn’t crowded, or difficult to get in and out of. If it is possible, having a roof over the top of a hot tub can really extend its usability. If there is a porch roof or an awning is available on site that may be the perfect way to enjoy a portable spa on a rainy day or even during the coldest of winter months in northern climates. If there isn’t an existing covering, building a gazebo or pergola for a little shade and protection from the elements is an excellent way to solve the problem.

It is a personal preference, however, and some people prefer to have their hot tubs in the open to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. That does mean making sure the hot tub purchased also has a strong, good-fitting cover to protect it from over-exposure when not in use and keep the water fresh and clean. Covered, or not, close to the house or in its own private location, taking those things into consideration will allow people the chance to make the right choices for their own individual purposes and give them a hot tub that they will love for years to come.

Make sure the space decided on has a level surface that is also strong enough to support the weight of the hot tub and all of the equipment and water. This is most important when considering placing a hot tub on a raised porch or patio.

Decide on a Portable Spa Size

Hot tubs are terrific no matter what size they are. One of the most attractive points of hot tubs is that they are compact and can fit into smaller areas so that people can enjoy them almost anywhere. Before buying a hot tub, however, it’s a good idea to think about whether the spa will be used by one person, two, an entire family, or for big parties. Then, buy the one that will most closely fit the needs of the number of people who will be using it regularly.

Think About Timing and Use of Your Hot Spring Spa

People who are going to use their hot tubs every day or night, will not have an issue with power. However, it is a good idea to think ahead about how a new hot tub will be used, and if it will be a weekender type of fun item, or a daily use tool for health. When a hot tub is going to be idle for most of the week, waiting for weekend parties and family time, check for the standby power use.

People who want to be able to exercise in the water, a great way to keep in shape and tone up, should look for portable spas designed for a little extra space and depth, with possible workout tools incorporated into them. Before buying a hot tub, make sure it has enough jets that are positioned appropriately for getting at the sore spots most often needed: shoulders, back, legs and feet.

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