Hot Tubs Are Gross – No They Aren’t!

Lots of people out there like to give hot tubs a bad rap. Never mind all the health benefits that have been attributed to hot water therapy, and endorsements over the years from various groups (like the National Sleep Foundation & the National Arthritis Foundation)…some folks just think getting into a hot tub with others is, well, gross.

The truth of the matter is this: properly sanitized hot tubs with great filtration are not gross.

We’re fortunate at Oregon Hot Tub to sell Hot Spring Spas. Not only are they known for having the best filtration of any hot tub made today, they’re also forerunners in providing excellent sanitation to hot tub users.

Did you know…? Hot Spring Spas are designed with balanced filtration. This may sound boring, but what’s important here is there are enough filters in Hot Spring tubs to make sure the water can be cleaned 100% of the time! This prevents bathers from sitting in dirty unfiltered water, minimizing exposure to body oils, sweat and other pollutants introduced to the water by users. That means you get to sit in water that’s clean. (There’s nothing gross about that!)


Hot Spring also revolutionized hot water sanitation when it introduced its ACE Salt Water System. This patented water care uses salt converted into natural sanitizers. The end result? You sit in water that’s properly sanitized always. And, because you’re soaking in salt water, you also avoid the harsh drying effects of bottled chemicals. It feels better, keeps you in a safe environment for soaking, and guards your skin against a lot of the drying effects typical of other water care regimens.


Lastly, hot tub owners that keep their filters cleaned regularly can help eliminate the “gross” misnomer even further! In our years as a hot tub company, it’s clear that there is a gross human laziness factor (pun intended) in making sure hot tub filters are clean and ready to do the job they’re meant to do: provide safe, clean water for all to enjoy. Filters should always get cleaned at least once a month with a good filter cleaner.


There you have it! Hot Spring Spas are created to make sure you get the best, healthiest water to soak in—and that’s as far from “gross” as you can get!