Beaverton Hot Tubs, Swim Spas and Sauna Dealer Shares How a Hot Tub Can Help Minimize Chronic Aches and Pains

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“Chronic pain impacts millions of people worldwide. Medication can help, but not everyone wants to take a variety of pills on a long-term basis,” said Kaylah Ruscigno, the company’s director of marketing. Soaking in a hot tub is a natural and fast way to relieve joint pain, backaches, arthritis and many other muscle and joint issues.

Here’s how to use a hot tub to beat chronic aches and pains.

Maximize Targeted Massage – Hot tub hydrotherapy jets work by pushing streams of hot water at specific points on the body, kneading and soothing away discomfort instantly. Individual jets can be positioned to direct the water exactly where you need it most, targeting pain with pinpoint accuracy. Within minutes of soaking, muscles and joints relax, and pain decreases.

Allow Buoyancy to Remove Joint Strain – Often, chronic pain is the result of damaged joints that hurt from the pressure and strain of body weight. Water is naturally buoyant, meaning it lifts the body, creating a feeling of floating. For joints, this reduction in gravity is a rare chance to relax. For you, the sensation of buoyancy decreases pain, increases flexibility, and makes it easy to move about easily and without pain.

A Cushioned Environment for Light Exercise – Regular physical exercise can be a good way to keep chronic pain at bay, like arthritis. Moving the joints reduces stiffness and can relieve discomfort long term. The hot tub filled with water supports and cushions the body, allowing soakers to stretch, use resistance bands, and engage in light cardiovascular exercise without pain or discomfort. A few minutes of activity each day in the hot tub can relieve stiffness and improve range of motion over time.

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