How a Hot Tub May Help You Feel Younger – Hot Tubs Beaverton

Aging is natural, and a normal part of everyone’s life. But that doesn’t mean we don’t seek out solutions to reverse the effects of aging. With increased energy, improved sleep and a positive outlook as goals, here’s how using a hot tub a few times a week may help you feel younger.

Massage Away Skin-Aging Stress
We’ve all seen the look – a worn, tired appearance magnified by wrinkles and a drained complexion. Increased stress has a way of affecting how we look.

Using a hot tub with massaging jets is a fast, all-natural way to manage elevated stress. Sit back, relax and let the hot, massaging water work out kinks, ease pressure and relieve pain in the neck, shoulders and low back.

Get the Best Sleep Ever
Deep, restful sleep gives the body the chance to repair and restore from a busy day of work or play. Just twenty minutes before bed can ease the muscles and joints into a relaxed state – perfect for easing into sleep. Over time, improved sleep will begin to show through increased energy, improved mood and enhanced mental performance.

Rejuvenate the Mind
When we’re preoccupied with job responsibilities, unfulfilled tasks or just a replay of a hectic day, relaxation is almost impossible. Luckily, slipping into warm, massaging water helps relieve physical stress, but also rejuvenates a tired mind. A soothing soak is an easy, convenient way to reap the benefits of hydro-massage from home.

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