Hot Tub Water Care Tips

In addition to winterizing your hot tub, make sure you keep your water in good condition as well. Routine checks of your water’s pH and alkalinity levels are crucial to your hot tub’s life.

If the pH level is too high, it can cause the water to begin forming deposits and stain your tub. If the pH is too low, that means the water is acidic and can cause corrosion. Either of these extremes can be dangerous to both you and your hot tub.

One tool to help you check these levels is to use a test reader like the AquaChek TruTest Reader. With this device, the steps for checking your water are simple:

  1. Take a test strip (25 are included with the kit) and dip it in your hot tub’s water.
  2. Place the strip inside the reader and let it test the water.
  3. In seconds you will have results for free chlorine/bromine, pH and alkalinity levels.

It’s that simple! I’d say as simple as a remote control for you TV (well….an older, simpler remote). Convenient and it takes all the guesswork out of water levels.

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