Make the most of your hot tub this summer

Does it feel like each summer is getting hotter and hotter in Portland? We think so! While a lot of us look forward to the summer heat, it tends to make many hot tub owners soak less and less, which is a true shame. Just because the temperature is rising doesn’t mean that your hot tub is any less good for you!

We wanted to take a moment to share some hints on how you can make sure you continue to use and enjoy your hot tub throughout the summer months. We think, in the end, you’ll feel even more relaxed, rested and better able to enjoy everything out there while the weather is so nice overall.

  • Lower your hot tub temp setting a few degrees. While you may absolutely love that 102° or 104° setting for the majority of the year, it may feel just a little too hot for the warm summer nights ahead. Don’t let that stop you from using your tub! Just lowering your tub one to two degrees will make a big difference on your body. Experiment with a tub lowered in temp just a bit and it may feel relaxing and even refreshing during those late summer evenings.
  • Take a break after you’ve been active. Hopping into the hot tub is such a great thing to do post workout or after a good run to soothe those aching muscles and help release that lactic acid build up. When it’s especially warm out, however, it’s better to give your body a chance to stop sweating and let your body’s pulse rate normalize before taking that hot tub soak. You’ll be able to withstand the hot tub heat better and be able to get in a good soak.
  • Hydrate, then hydrate…then hydrate some more! Get some good hydration in before starting your hot tub soak session so you’re in a good position to let your body soak without becoming dehydrated. Bring your favorite refreshing beverage with you to continue to take in liquids during your soak. And, after your soak, continue to hydrate. Your body will thank you and you’ll get the most out of your hot tub session. However…
  • Skip the alcohol. That glass of wine might be tempting—but it’s also dehydrating. Combined with the heat of your tub, it will also increase drowsiness which isn’t the right answer while in your spa. You want to relax—but not QUITE that much. Enjoy that alcoholic beverage post-soak.


Don’t let your hot tub get lonely on those lovely summer nights! It will be out there happily waiting to give you the relaxation and restful night’s sleep you deserve.


Happy summer!