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What Hot Tub Hydrotherapy Can Do For You


Hydrotherapy is an ancient practice that uses warm water to ease pain, improve strength and enhance overall wellness. A smart way to relieve stiff joints, hydrotherapy offers long lasting relief from arthritis, low back pain and a variety of muscular injuries. Here are three exciting ways hot tub hydrotherapy can promote better health.

A Portable Spa Can Ease Sore Muscles

No one is immune from muscular aches and pains. Whether it’s from injury, overuse or a chronic condition, sore muscles impact everyone from time to time. Using a hot tub is a quick way to relieve pain safely and without medication. Warm water immersion is a proven strategy for easing muscle pain, increasing range of motion and reducing stiffness.

Improve Circulation and Heart Health

During a relaxing soak, blood vessels dilate, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to the body. Improved oxygen flow means more efficient healing, as damaged tissues and cells repair faster and dangerous toxins are removed. A soak promotes heart health too, as more blood pumping throughout the body gives the cardiovascular system a mini workout.

De-Stress for Well-being

Elevated stress that goes unchecked can lead to more serious health conditions. With a hot tub at home, stress management is as easy as slipping into warm, massaging water. Relieve tension pain that creeps into the shoulders and low back, or soothe a stiff neck in less than twenty minutes. A relaxed, calming environment, the spa offers a convenient space to unwind after a long day, alone or with a friend.

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