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Millions of Americans suffer every day with aches and pains. Whether it’s an old sports injury, chronic back pain or discomfort from arthritis, when we hurt, we’re often stopped in our tracks. Finding safe and effective pain relief is often a challenge, and many people suffer needlessly. Luckily, hot tub hydrotherapy- heat, massage and buoyancy- can provide short term and long term benefits by soothing pain, promoting repair and preventing further damage. Using a hot tub regularly is an easy, convenient and all natural solution.

Heat – Heat has long been associated with physical comfort and has been used for centuries to soothe and promote relaxation. But as a natural pain reliever, nothing comes close to the remarkable effects of heat. Submerging your body into a hot tub eases pain instantly. Pain results from tension in the muscles and surrounding tissue which restricts blood circulation. Sitting in a heated hot tub dilates blood vessels, increases blood circulation and enhances the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to affected areas. Heat also stimulates the sensory receptors in the skin, which decrease pain signals to the brain.

Massage – Massage therapy eases pain by increasing mobility and relaxing sore muscles. Studies confirm that consistent use of a hot tub with massaging jets keeps joints moving by preserving strength and increasing flexibility. Pain is eliminated as targeted massage penetrates deep beneath the skin where pain is present. Tension in the neck, lower back and shoulder can be eliminated in just a few minutes several times a week. And with massage therapy available any time from the convenience of home, a hot tub is a tremendous relief.

Buoyancy – One of the best long term pain relieving qualities of a hot tub is buoyancy or that feeling of weightlessness that occurs when you submerge yourself in the water. From the moment you slip into a hot tub, tension, stress and pressure is eliminated from muscles and joints, decreasing pain. Buoyancy allows for increased range of motion and exercise is easier, leading to improved mobility over time. A hot tub provides a gentle environment for moving joints while providing natural resistance.

For many of us, pain is a normal, recurring part of everyday life. We work hard, we play hard and millions of us suffer from wear and tear, overuse or chronic conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia. Luckily, using a hot tub is an easy, effective and completely natural way to relieve pain and provide much needed relaxation for many.

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