Is your hot tub ready for fall?

We’ve been here before…but it bears reminding everyone that fall will soon be fully upon us, and it’s time to get your tub in tip top shape for the coming season. When it’s getting darker and cooler, it’s the perfect time to hot tub! Here are our gentle reminders (okay, maybe not so gentle!) to be nice to your hot tub so it will be very very good to you!

  • How are your hot tub filters?  Another thing we say over and over: your hot tub’s filters are one of the hardest working components of your tub. They need to be cleaned monthly—not just rinsed out with a garden hose, thank you very much. Clean & sanitize your filters with SpaGuard Filter & Degreaser. This will insure your filters are free of anything that could clog the pores of the filter matter and prevent it from cleaning your tub water and keeping it crystal. And—be honest—if you haven’t changed your filters in the last 2-3 years, it’s time for new ones!
  • How is your hot tub cover? Is it heavy? Water logged? Stinky? Time to replace it? Get a new hot tub cover ordered today, so we can get it to you in plenty of time for fall. How about replacing your hot tub cover with the all new Smartop (and ditch the old vinyl cover concept altogether? You’ll love this amazing new permanent cover made right here in the Northwest by the world’s largest hot tub accessory company, Leisure Concepts. Call us for more details!
  • Are your water care products stocked? Be sure you have everything you need for the coming months, including a new silver ion cartridge. (Regardless of use, your silver ion cartridge must be replaced every four months!) Stock up on everything you need easily with our E-Store.
  • Deep clean your tub. Before you do a complete drain & fill of your tub, consider giving it a thorough cleaning with SeaKlear System Flush. This terrific product will strip all the biofilm that can build up in your hot tub’s plumbing lines and sanitize at the same time. It’s like an interior detail for the parts of your tub you can’t reach to clean! If you’d like us to perform this service, our Signature Water Care Valet Team can take care of everything for you. Schedule an appointment today!
  • If you want to have an overall checkup of your tub before the coming season, consider our Hot Tub Tune-Up Service. We’ll get a tech scheduled to give your tub a thorough exam and get it ready for you.

We hope you’ll turn to us for anything you need to ready your tub for fall. Oregon Hot Tub has been the source for excellent service for 35 years, and we’re ready to help!