Hot Tub & Sauna Solutions for Tight Spaces


So many folks out there live in apartments or condos think enjoying a hot tub or sauna is simply not in the cards. Not so! Oregon Hot Tub has a couple of terrific options that allow relaxation and therapy in tight spaces.

If you’re a sauna lover, consider the Helo B-100 infrared sauna. Infrared continues to enjoy a huge surge in popularity, based on all the research emerging on its health benefits. Wrap yourself in a personal toasty haven every day with your own personal infrared sauna! At 3’ X 3’, it will fit into all kinds of tight spaces: walk-in closet, home office, an unused corner in a master or guest bedroom. What a great healthy way to get some therapy in your personal space! It’s also equipped with a sound system to enjoy music while you heat up and sweat your cares away. No special wiring required!
The B-100 operates off a standard household outlet.

For the hot tub aficionados, we’ve got a fantastic option for you: The newly updated Hot Spot TX. What a gem of a tub! This tub has been a hit since its introduction in 2000. In fact, it is so popular there have been many knock-offs of it in the hot tub industry. The TX stands alone in its variety of jets, its smart roomy design, and conveniences like a floor drain (no bailing water!), and the ability to run on a totally silent circulation pump—no noise in the middle of the night. Really the good neighbor hot tub when you’re in close quarters! Its compact 5’ 8½” X 5’8½” size allows it to tuck into the corner of a small deck or patio outside the typical sliding glass door in an apartment or condo. It can even be used virtually chlorine free, thanks to our tried & true EverFresh System. Designed to operate off a dedicated 15-amp 110V plug, it won’t be a challenge to get you in hot water!

Drop by your nearest Oregon Hot Tub location today and check out the terrific Helo B-100 and Hot Spot TX. Either (or both!) will give your apartment or condo living—and your health—an instant upgrade!