Hot tub owners beware—All hot tub water care products are NOT the same!

If you’re the owner of an Oregon Hot Tub, we know you were the type of consumer who did your research, heard from friends who recommended us, and did everything you needed to make the decision to invest in a Hot Spring Spa. We’re always fascinated when one of our service techs or valet team members visits one of our customers to discover they have a potpourri of water care products they’re using in their hot tub.

How does this happen? Well, there are a number of factors at play here—convenience, running out of something at the last minute, getting attracted by the lower price of a Brand X chemical…

While it was easy when you started shopping for a hot tub to think “they’re all about the same”, the right choice became clear when you did your research that led you to the decision to invest in a Hot Spring Spa from Oregon Hot Tub. Don’t you think it makes sense to protect your investment by using water care products researched and carried by the same company?

We’re here to tell you all hot tub products are not the same! Oregon Hot Tub has partnered with the right companies to offer you the products we know will work well with a Hot Spring Spa, not cause unnecessary water quality issues and create skin care problems.

Here are three things you should always avoid:

  1. Buying off brand chemicals from a big box store. These stores will purchase products seasonally from suppliers that try to be all things for everyone. For example: chlorine for hot tubs, pools and fountains is not the same product. Yet, some companies package their chlorine “for pools & spas”. Hot tub chlorine should always be 99% sodium dichlor—the right mix of chlorine to kill all bacteria in 100-plus degree water. Pool chlorine is the WRONG mix for a hot tub. The active ingredient is typically sodium hypochlorite…not good for hot tubs! Don’t fall into the trap of buying something random in the garden department or seasonal section of a big box store. It will not serve you or your hot tub well!
  2. Mixing multiple brands of water care products. Using multiple brands for your hot tub that have different combinations of chlorine, MPS (shock) and pH stability only creates additional water quality problems and more work keeping your water balanced. Oregon Hot Tub researches what we carry to make sure it works best with the continuous filtration of our line of tubs. Know that what we carry is what we’re expert at—just as we are our hot tubs. Don’t run the risk of using the wrong products.
  3. Trying something “new”. We have customers call us with questions from time to time about products which have no place in their hot tubs! A lot of other hot tub companies will endorse or sell you something based on the brand of hot tub they sell, a promotion or contest from a chemical company…or they just make a lot of money selling chemicals. Water care is the most important part of keeping your hot tub in good shape for the long haul. Don’t suddenly try something odd or new that could create new issues for you down the road!

Oregon Hot Tub’s core product line for hot tubs is SpaGuard. This line of products, made by BioGuard, has a lengthy history in the pool & hot tub world (over 40 years!). Not only do we know their products will perform well in your hot tub and do what they need to do, they also won’t cause any adverse side effects. And, all their products work together harmoniously to keep your hot tub water safe and crystal clear.

If convenience is part of why you’ve “drifted” and purchased some odd hot tub chemical, we hope you’ll turn to our E-Store. We’ve created a comprehensive E-Store site to ensure the right products are just a click away! If we don’t have your email on file, contact us today so you’re always getting our current specials.

Protect your wise investment in a Hot Spring Spa! Always purchase Oregon Hot Tub sanctioned water care products. You’ll be grateful you did!