Hot tub owner alert—Avoid buying hot tub parts online

With the advent of shopping on the Internet, it’s become much easier to buy just about anything you want for your life online. Many of our customers, however, are finding out that the grass is not always greener when trying to buy a part for their hot tub online.

We get calls into our Service Center nearly every week inquiring about the price of hot tub parts. Sometimes when they hear the price, the response will be, “Wow, that’s a lot higher than the price I found it for online.”

Well, of course it’s higher. When you buy your parts from Oregon Hot Tub, you’re buying a lot:

  • The guarantee that the part came directly from the maker of Hot Spring Spas
  • Assurance that you’ve purchased the correct part, or the correct upgraded part endorsed by the manufacturer
  • A part that, purchased from us, will carry a one year warranty if something goes wrong
  • A part that we can help give installation advice on if you choose to install it yourself
  • A part our authorized Hot Spring service techs could come to your home to install if you find it’s more than you can install yourself
  • The peace of mind that comes from knowing the part, when installed, will work when it’s been installed properly

More goes into the pricing of parts for your hot tub than just the price. Service, peace of mind, authenticity, warranty coverage…all these things impact the price placed on the parts we sell.

On the flip side, you could take a chance and buy something from a random online business. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Did this part come from Hot Spring? Or did someone slap a label on it claiming that it’s a Hot Spring part?
  • Is it a new, unused part? Or a part that may have sat on a shelf somewhere for years and may or may not be new?
  • If I can’t install the part, who will help me? (Oregon Hot Tub cannot install or give advice on parts that weren’t purchased from us to limit liability.)
  • If the part gets installed and doesn’t work, what now?
  • If the part fails within a year, will I have any hope of getting it covered under warranty? (If it’s not from an authorized Hot Spring dealer, the answer is “NO”.)

You were a smart consumer when you made the decision to invest in a Hot Spring Spa; we’re guessing you don’t want to get burned online and waste money with an online retailer that may not be selling you the right part, a working part, or are able to assist you if you need help.

Any time you need assistance with your hot tub, we hope you’ll give Oregon Hot Tub your continued business and confidence that we’ll do the right thing for you. Remember, “cheap” may not always be “right”! We’ll do our best to help you every step of the way and support you for the long haul. It’s why Oregon Hot Tub is the company friends recommend.