Does your hot tub need a makeover? Consider these awesome new products

That hot tub you purchased five years ago…you love it, right? Have you ever thought about checking out some of the great new things available for your Hot Spring Spa to make it even better?!

There are a few terrific new items available to bring your hot tub up to date and make it the absolute envy of everyone in your neighborhood. Consider these upgrades for your Hot Spring Spa—and then head to one of our stores for more info, or call our Service Center.

  • ACE Salt Water System—It’s exclusive for Hot Spring Spas, patented technology, and customers love it. Now you can soak every night in salt water, simplify your water care, and extend the life of the body of water in your hot tub (fewer water changes). The salt cell uses a diamond electrode to create powerful oxidizers and sanitizers naturally from the salt added to your hot tub water—it’s just awesome! Learn more about the ACE Salt Water System.
  • Wireless Bluetooth Music. Enjoy your own personal playlist by synching your iPod, tablet or other smart device with your hot tub. The subwoofer included provides rich sound, and you have the ability to balance treble and bass to your own liking. Music while taking a soak is sometimes just the thing!
  • A Smartop. Say goodbye to replacing smelly waterlogged vinyl hot tub covers for good! The Smartop is made in the Northwest by Leisure Concepts, the world’s largest hot tub accessory manufacturer. They tackled this issue with gusto, and the result is the final cover you’ll need for your hot tub! It features a contemporary look, steel cable cover locks, integrated hydraulic lift—and will likely last the life of your hot tub!
  • Connextion Remote Monitoring. Brand new patented technology exclusive to Hot Spring Spas! If your hot tub is at a vacation home, or you’re away at regular intervals for travel from your home, you’ll love this innovation. The wireless system is installed on your hot tub, enabling you to “check in” on your hot tub to adjust temperature, lock controls, adjust ACE Salt System settings—it will even alert you if there is an issue with the tub so you can contact our Service Center to correct things while you’re away. You can easily monitor everything from your iPhone or iPad through the convenient app. You’ll love the peace of mind it will afford you! Check out details on Connextion.

We’ve got other great ideas to improve your hot tub too! Visit one of our stores today.

Pssst! You could even treat yourself to a brand new Hot Spring Spa and add any of these to a new tub! Ask about our trade-in program!