Hot Spring Highlife Grandee – Aloha, OR

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Aloha, OR Hot Tub Customer

The Grandee provides comfort for everyone.

Kris and Nancy of Aloha, OR can’t wait to get into their new Grandee. They have owned a Hotspring before, but decided to try another brand. Kris says,” once you have had a Ferrari it’s really hard to settle for a Chevrolet.” Nancy also added, ” it’s great to be back!” Nancy and Kris we are so excited to welcome you back to the Hotspring family!!

The expansive Grandee hot tub comfortably seats a party of seven, with room for everyone to enjoy state-of-the-art jets, a two-speed jet pump, and two seats with patented Moto-Massage DX jets. It also features advanced innovations like an insulating hinge seal, 100% no-bypass filtration for cleaner water and the soothing BellaFontana®fountain feature.

The jet system offers an incredible 43 jets that relieve-tension in targeted areas including your back, neck, shoulders and calves. This hot tub is part of the Highlife Collection.

Hot Spring Highlife Grandee