Great news! Owners of an older Hot Spring Spa may be able to enjoy the ACE Salt Water System

Oregon Hot Tub has been fortunate to carry Hot Spring Spas, the best-selling brand of hot tub worldwide.  When Hot Spring introduced the revolutionary ACE Salt Water System in 2009, many hot tub users rejoiced. The opportunity to finally soak in awesome salt water after years of soaking in old school water care products was truly exciting.

Now, if you have a Hot Spring Spa made from 2004 to 2008, you can also enjoy the luxury of salt water soaking by adding an ACE Sale Water System to your existing hot tub! Hot Spring has developed a retrofit system that will operate beautifully on Hot Spring models manufactured during these five model years.

If you haven’t bothered to check into ACE yet because you own a slightly older Hot Spring Spa, take a moment to give it a look. With ACE’s ability to produce active oxygen along with five other powerful cleaners, you won’t believe the difference in your soaking experience. The water is softer, smells great, and requires so little bottled water care product it will blow your mind. And, because you’re adding so little product to the water, you may be able to enjoy soaking night after night for almost a year before you have to drain and refill your tub!

The retrofit system features a satellite control panel installed on the side of your tub to operate the ACE System. Once installed, one simple setting directs the system to create the sanitizer you need from the salt in your water. After each use, you’ll simply activate the Clean Cycle of your tub and head into your house—no adding chemicals after each use! The system is easy, effective and incredibly simple.

You’ll really love the addition of an ACE Salt Water System to your existing Hot Spring Spa. To learn more, visit one of our showrooms, or call our Service Center. We’ll get you converted over to salt water soaking in no time, and you’ll once again marvel at the treat of soaking in your Hot Spring Spa!