Give hot tub yoga a try

Hey yoga lovers! If you have ever thought about giving hot tub in your yoga a try, rejoice! Swim University has created “Hot Tub Yoga for Beginners”.


Some of us, as we age, can find some of the bending, stretching & balancing associated with yoga to become more difficult to achieve. But, when you add in the buoyancy of hot water to the mix, many yoga positions will again be within your grasp. The hot water will also help keep you limber, and also aid in preventing a lot of post-yoga muscle ache. It may just be the ticket for you!


The certified yoga instructor uses Hatha Yoga as the basis for the regimen. In the video (available for purchase), she will take you from a variation of a Sun Salutation warm up on to a number of positions: Bandhas, Drishti, Warrior One & Two, Side Plank, Seated Chair Twist, East Pose, Airplane Pose, Tree Pose, and Seated Leg Raise. More positions complete the session and finishes up with a five minute cool down.


What a terrific new way to embrace healthy living in the privacy of your own back yard! If you have friends you normally attend yoga with, you might want to consider making this a weekly event at your home.


Take a look here at Hot Tub Yoga ( Let us know how your hot tub yoga sessions progress! We’d love to hear about it.