Getting back into swim shape using your swim spa

Okay…that swim spa in your back yard isn’t a bear—it really shouldn’t have gone into hibernation this winter, and neither should have your daily swim spa routine!

If it’s been awhile since you disciplined yourself to use your swim spa on a regular basis, and need to get back in the swing of things, here are some suggestions we’d like to offer to get yourself back into swim shape.

  • Your endurance is likely shot from taking a break. When you start back into the routine, do short swims in the spa each day. Short, slow swims will help build your endurance and get you back to longer, more rigorous routines.
  • Ever use fins in your swim spa? Ditch them. Build your speed and endurance without swim fins. You’ll get back your speed and endurance a lot faster.
  • Swim every day! It’s better for you to swim at least 20-30 minutes a day, rather than swimming an hour at a time a couple times a week. Have time to swim for short periods twice a day? Even better!
  • Count your strokes. It will help you with extension, as well as technique. If you focus on your count, you can also focus on covering more distance with fewer strokes.
  • Give yourself a small goal to achieve for the first week back in the swim spa, and increase the goal over the next few weeks as you get back into the routine. Perhaps swimming against the current for 150 meters first, then building up by 50 meters a week over the next few weeks. You’ll be pleased with your progress, feel stronger, increase your lung capacity, and feel a lot more victorious than trying to start out where you left off. Some patience with progress will make you feel great!

Good luck! And…if you’ve thought about installing your own swim spa, now’s the time to check them out! We’ve got a terrific selection of Hydropool Swim Spas to choose from. We’ll help you find the right answer and assist you every step of the way to get you in great swimming shape in no time!