Get over a winter cold faster with regular sauna use

Winter is here, and along with it cold and flu season.  You can do your body a big favor and make regular sauna use a part of your daily routine. It can help you combat those pesky viruses.

There have been many studies that show regular sauna use is excellent for arthritis, asthma, and chronic fatigue. Sitting in a sauna for a session heated to 176 degrees Fahrenheit or higher appears to be the optimal temperature for the best results.

The Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Austria’s University of Vienna conducted a study using 25 volunteers using a sauna on a regular basis. Over a period of six months, some of the volunteers were followed that had no sauna use as part of their daily life; the others were asked to use a sauna regularly.

At the end of the study, it was determined that the group regularly using a sauna reduced the incidence of contracting colds. Those that did contract a cold during the period also experienced a reduced cycle of cold symptoms. The occurrences were reduced even more significantly during the final three months of the study, suggesting that the longer the sauna is used, the more likely your body is armed to ward off viruses that cause the common cold.

Why? Well, the theory is that the viruses that cause colds simply can’t do well in environments where the body’s core temperature is elevated on a regular basis. Cold viruses need, literally, colder temperatures to thrive. Increasing the body’s temperature through sauna use inhibits virus replication, subsequently reducing the risk of contracting a cold. Sauna use also improves drainage, which helps excretion of active virus from the body.

If you’re prone to colds, regular sauna use might be just the ticket! Not only will you feel healthier and energized each day, you’ll be arming your body to fight off those pesky sneezes, runny noses, and fogginess the few times they come to visit.

Ready to set out on the path to a healthier you? Consult your doctor to ensure sauna use is right for you if you have any other existing health conditions. Then, come visit your nearest Oregon Hot Tub store ( and check out our line of portable Finnleo Saunas. The smallest unit, The S-Series 810, sets up quickly indoors and only requires a standard household outlet to operate! Check them out today!