The future of travel may include a sauna for all!

Who better than to pave the way for upping the ante at an airline business lounge than Finnair?

Opened in August, Finnair’s newly renovated lounge in the Helsinki Airport features a full-on Nordic steam sauna, complete with toiletries made with forest berries.  The sauna will be available for everyone to use—from the members of the new elite Premium Lounge (reserved for their Plus Gold & Platinum member) to the general Finnair Lounge.

Even if you’re not a business traveler, you can actually purchase a day pass to the sleek new lounge for just 48 Euros (about $64 U.S. currency). That admission fee will get you access to the new sauna, showers for after your sauna session, snacks, meals, alcohol & complimentary cosmetics. (You may never want to leave!) And don’t fear—while most Finns would turn their nose up at the idea of using the sauna any other way than nude, Finnair is offering up towels for the rest of us that might feel a little more intimidated by sharing a sauna session with other weary travelers.

Travel in general can often be an ordeal, and certainly not always a stress free experience. What better way to unwind during a trip than to check out this sleek chic new travel lounge in Helsinki?

If any of you happen to have travel that will take you that way, we’d love to hear about your visit to the Finnair Lounge!

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