Four Great Ways to Relax in an Apartment or Condo

Apartment & condo dwellers rejoice! While you may not know it, there are actually a lot of terrific products out there that will help enhance your health & recreation in your very own compact living space. If you’re looking for a way to ramp up the enjoyment factor at home, here are some terrific options!

  • An Infrared Sauna—Did you know that you can own your very own sauna? Finnleo’s Far-Infrared Sauna is incredibly compact, barely taking over 3’ square feet of space. And, it plugs into a standard household outlet, so no special wiring is required! If you’ve got an unused corner in your bedroom or a spare room, fill it up with this amazing unit and start improving your health profile today.


  • A MiniMaxEGG—If you’ve fantasized about owning your very own Big Green Egg, here’s the answer! The new MiniMaxEGG allows you to grill in a big way using very little space. It’s got an impressive grilling area, and gives you that ultimate grilling experience you’ve always craved. You can even prepare a 12 lb. turkey on it!


  • A Hot Tub—“Huh?!” you say…? But, it’s true! We have a number of tubs that take up an incredibly small amount of space, and offer terrific therapy and escape. They operate on a standard household outlet, so you just set it up, fill it up and plug it in! If you have a decent sized patio or balcony, you could consider a Hot Spot TX. Or, if space is at a premium, never fear—the all new Freeflow Mini is designed just for you. It will even fit into an elevator for easy delivery!


  • A Massage Chair—Replace that chair with something that will give you a myriad of massage options, have lumbar support and heat, and can even offer up music for relaxation! The Infinity Massage Chair is the ultimate way to take a space in your home and give you a personal masseuse at your disposal every night. You’ll absolutely love it!


Ready to take your apartment or condo to a whole new level? Visit us today and check out these options, along with some other terrific ones not listed here. You’ll be amazed at what’s available for you.