Five ways to guard your hot tub from the harsh winter weather

We’ve seen snow already this year—far earlier than we normally do! There’s no telling what lies ahead in the next few months, especially since winter doesn’t officially start till December 21st. One way to survive the cold is to make sure your hot tub is always hot & ready for revival. Here are five ways you can make sure your hot tub is in perfect working order for that soak escape.

  • Keep your hot tub cover in shape. Since your cover is designed to keep the heat in (and the heating bills low), do what you can to keep it in shape through the winter months. During wind storms and heavy rains, make sure you go out afterwards and brush any excess debris off the top of the cover with a broom. Snow is also not a cover’s friend—it will weigh it down and could cause one of the foam cores to crack. Do not limp a cover through the winter if it accidentally gets pierced by a flying branch. Once that happens, the cover will take on water rapidly, become heavy and water logged, and starts the energy meter running. If that happens, be sure and get a new hot tub cover. You can arm your cover against absorbing unnecessary water by treating it with 303 Protectant. This will help the cover repel water absorption, and keep the vinyl from getting brittle. It will also provide UV protection to keep the vinyl from degrading.
  • Get a winterizing blanket. With periodic power outages, your hot tub’s equipment bay becomes prey to bitter cold temperature that could cause freeze issues to your heater, jet pumps, plumbing and circulation pump. A winterizing blanket tucks behind the tub equipment bay door, adding an extra layer of warmth for the compartment for extra protection.
  • Get new filters. Nothing is more disheartening than to head out to the hot tub to find out the water is tepid. Your tub relies on clean filters that aren’t as old as the hills to get proper flow to the heater and circulation pump. This in turn insures your tub is always up to temperature. (Note–# 1 reason for tub not heating: old filters!) Replace old filters now for a tub that stays hot (never mind stays clean!).
  • Keep your water balanced. Infrequent use of your hot tub can also lead to laziness in keeping the alkalinity and pH levels in the correct balance. Be sure you are testing your water weekly, even when you’re not using it on a regular basis. (Hint—Be sure your test strips aren’t expired! Testing supplies do have a shelf life for effective testing.)
  • Consider a Smartop. Remember the stuff discussed in the first point above about vinyl hot tub covers? How about ditching all those issues for good with a new Smartop for you tub? Smartops are now the rage, and will be the last hot tub cover you buy. A Smartop cannot get pierced by a branch, chewed by a critter, can hold up to 800 lbs., and are designed to not take on water! It will also help lock more of the heat in your tub, increasing efficiency. (They also add a great designer touch to your hot tub’s exterior.)

Keep using your hot tub this winter! And make sure it’s in great working order to enjoy it.