Five of the top ten reasons for a new hot tub!

You love your hot tub…you’ve had it for years…so why trade it in and get a new one? We hear this often. The truth: once a happy hot tub owner gets a new Hot Spring Spa, they’re over the moon at the terrific new features available on our terrific tubs. Here are the first five of the top ten reasons to get a new Hot Spring Spa during our July Trade-in Event!

  1. Salt! Hot Spring developed exclusive diamond technology to bring salt as a natural, easy way to sanitize hot tub water. Customers love this simple approach to water care. No more adding products after each use, far less testing and balancing, and crystal clear water every day. Plus, the water lasts longer—sometimes up to a year with proper care! Check out the simplicity of the ACE Salt Water System.
  2. State of the art controls. With the introduction of the ACE Salt Water System came the terrific new controls on Hot Spring Spas. With its large LCD screen, it’s easy to see for those of us with less than 20/20 vision, and everything is in straightforward English. (And hey—if English isn’t your preference, you can even choose French, Spanish, German or Dutch as a language choice!) No strange symbols or hieroglyphics that require a guide in order to use your tub!
  3. Upgraded Everwood cabinetry. Hot Spring pioneered the concept of low maintenance siding. Did you know they introduced Everwood 17 years ago? This experience allows them to refine our siding and make it as natural, beautiful and low maintenance as possible. Espresso has emerged as the top color choice for Everwood today, but we still offer Redwood & Coastal Gray as our three options—stunning in any backyard.
  4. Water features. It may not be the reason you bought your first hot tub, but it’s amazing how many customers choose a hot tub with a water feature today. The addition of water splashing playfully into your tub simply enhances the visual and audio aspects of a soak—and it looks great when entertaining friends. The Bella Fontana water feature on our Vista, GrandeeEnvoy & Aria models is the fan favorite. Close behind is the Vidro waterfall on our Limelight Collection. Check them out!
  5. Custom cabinetry option. Four of our Hot Spring Highlife Collection models are available without siding. This allows you to customize the exterior of your new hot tub to blend in perfectly with any backyard setting. Or, if you prefer the look of stone, you can choose from our Earth or Gray SpaStone. It’s even available as a partial surround if you choose to build your tub partially into a deck for a high end designer look. SpaStone steps are also available to complete your custom look.

Check back here in a few days for the other five reasons customers buy a new hot tub—and visit us today to see it all in person!