Five great ways you could be relaxing today

Today is National Relaxation Day! I think we can all agree that in today’s hectic world, finding time for yourself and doing some much needed unwinding can be just what the doctor ordered. “But how can I relax…?” you might ask yourself. Well, Oregon Hot Tub is all about escape and relaxation. In fact, every single one of our products provides the perfect variety of relief and relaxation. Take a look!

  • Spending time with friends & family at a back yard barbecue. The Big Green Egg is the perfect vehicle to deliver terrific grilling and become the centerpiece of a weekend of fun. (Yes…grilling is actually known to be a great way for guys to relax!) Are you missing out on the phenomenon that is the Big Green Egg? Check them out!
  • A little bit of “me” time sweating out the stress of the day in your very own Finnleo Sauna.  More Americans are discovering the secret of long life and good mood that Scandinavians have perfected over the years: taking a daily sauna. Whether you love the idea of a good hot sweat in a traditional steam sauna or the toasty haven of an infrared sauna, you’ll emerge refreshed, relaxed and healthier. Take a look at our entire line of Finnleo traditional steam and infrared saunas.
  • The escape provided by a relaxing daily swim in your very own Hydropool Swim Spa. Swim spas are gaining popularity and a lot of folks are now enjoying their own personal back yard swimming exercise escape. Whether you love a leisurely swim, floating peacefully in the water, or challenging yourself to some laps and perfecting your strokes, you’d really love how enervated and relaxed a swim affords. Check out our line of Hydropool Swim Spas.
  • Sinking into the cushy Infinity Massage Chair for a terrific rub. Nothing beats massage, does it? You’d love this incredible chair, with its many varieties of massage techniques, lumbar support, stretching, heat and your favorite music enveloping you. What a great way to dispense of any stress built up over the course of a day! Take a look at the Infinity Massage Chair.
  • And, of course, in our opinion the original great relaxer is immersion in the swirling therapeutic water of your very own Hot Spring Spa! As one of the top dealers in the U.S. for the world’s best-selling brand of hot tubs, we have a 35 year history of providing terrific relaxation through hot tub soaking. This year’s re-design of our benchmark Hot Spring Highlife Collection of tubs proves that these aren’t your mom & dad’s old wood tubs! With a Hot Spring Spa in your back yard, you’ll always have the perfect answer to treat yourself and allow your body to respond to the amazing jets, buoyancy and hot water in your tub. Nothing will ever replace this perfect form of relaxation!


Ready to relax? Oregon Hot Tub is here to help! Visit one of our stores today and check out our entire line of “relaxation delivery systems”. You’ll be saying “Aaahhhh” in no time!