Why Finnleo Infrared Saunas are the safest

There are a lot of infrared saunas out in the market today. It seems every time we turn around we see some random off brand of infrared room popping up, promising all kinds of health benefits.

More and more studies are done on the benefits of infrared sauna use every year. However, if the room you’re using for your infrared therapy isn’t creating the safest environment to sweat in, it kind of defeats the purpose of using them to improve your health!

Here are three key items that make investing in a Finnleo Infrared Sauna not only the healthiest choice but also the safest choice:

  • It starts with the wood. Finnleo has been in the sauna business for over 90 years. When they chose to enter the infrared portion of the sauna world, they already knew the best wood to use. Finnleo uses Canadian Hemlock for its infrared rooms. Why? Hemlock is a sturdy tight wood that secretes minimum fumes with the heating and cooling of the wood.
  • It continues with construction. The glue used in many infrared rooms (especially ones not monitored that are manufactured outside of the U.S.) contain toxins that will off-gas repeatedly during ongoing sauna use. Finnleo uses non-toxic glue that will not expel unhealthy gases during your sauna sessions.
  • It wraps up with the heat. Pure Infra™ is the patented version of infrared heating only found in Finnleo Saunas. When Finnleo unveiled its latest version of CarbonFlex® infrared heating panels, they took the safety of infrared therapy to a whole new level. These fantastic panels offer the lowest levels of EMR (electromagnetic radiation) and EF (electrical field) emissions of any infrared room available today. In fact, they exceed the strict standards of Sweden—far more stringent than any other measurement standard.

Finnleo Saunas are not only the healthiest and the safest, they’re also just beautiful. The new S-Series of infrared rooms take you out of the old “sauna box” environment and place you inside a finely designed piece of equipment that doubles as a fine home furnishing. The all glass front avoids any feeling of claustrophobia…just the right amount of light is available for reading…color light therapy enhances the benefits of your sauna use… The term “devil is in the details” changes to “delight in the details” when you inspect the beauty of a Finnleo Infrared Sauna.

If you’ve been considering owning an infrared sauna, your search has ended! Visit Oregon Hot Tub today and take a look at our complete line of Finnleo Infrared Saunas. With three models that require only a standard household outlet to operate, we’ll have you set up in no time with the safest, healthiest infrared sauna you can own!