Findings continue to show sauna use effective therapy for heart disease

In the U.S. alone, every 43 seconds finds someone suffering a heart attack. What if you could reduce the likelihood of suffering a heart attack simply by using a sauna every day?

Japanese research indicates this could very well be the case. The Japanese term for sauna therapy is called waon, derived from the Japanese language meanings of wa for “soothing” and on for “warmth”. They’ve concluded that sauna therapy could very well be one of the most important habits we can develop that will help prevent and reverse heart disease.

In the recent study, it was determined that infrared sauna therapy improves mental capacity, ability to exercise and quality of life in patients with advanced heart failure. By partaking in repeated sauna use, sauna therapy is shown to improve cardiac and vascular endothelial function in patients suffering from chronic heart failure. 49 patients bathed in an infrared sauna heated to 140° F for only 15 minutes, then retreated to bed and covered in blankets for 30 minutes. This routine was performed daily for 3 weeks. After just this short period, a myriad of heart-related improvements were noted.

Just a few months after this study’s results were published another report was released on findings from similar research conducted in Finland. This study reported on the use of a traditional dry sauna in patients suffering from heart disease with similarly encouraging results.

What a terrific easy way to help improve your overall cardiovascular health! Fortunately, due to the rising popularity of sauna use in the United States, owning a sauna in your own home has become much easier and much more affordable.

Finnleo, the sauna brand we offer at Oregon Hot Tub, hails from Finland, and has been in the sauna business for well over 90 years. Not only are they the only sauna manufacturer offering both traditional and infrared saunas, they are also the only manufacturer to achieve ETL listing to make infrasaunas available—units where you can opt to use either traditional or infrared therapy in one sauna room.

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