Find the perfect hot tub with a test soak



We know that one of the best investments you can make in your health is owning a hot tub. More and more studies emerge each year on the terrific benefits soaking regularly in a hot tub provide. But, how do you make sure you get the right tub for you?

There is a lot of research you can do online, you can ask others for advice, and you can read reviews— but the ultimate way to make sure you get the tub that’s right for you is by getting wet. That’s right, folks—a test soak.

We’ve been offering test soaks to customers for more years than we can count. Yet, each time we offer a test dip in tubs in the showroom, there are nervous giggles. I mean, who on earth goes into a retail shop, gets nearly nude, and hops into hot tubs for a test drive?

The answer? A lot! In fact, the customers who indulge in a test soak buy with confidence. They know the jets are in the right place for them—and that they like them. They discover whether that lounge that looks so inviting when standing outside of the tub looking in while shopping is comfortable—or if it’s just the spot you’ll never use in the tub because you float too easily out of it. You realize the value of a cool down seat as a place to retreat when your body starts to heat up, but you’re just not quite ready to hop out of the tub for good.

And…it just feels great!

We really love having customers try out our tubs for another very important reason. Nowadays too many hot tubs just don’t have clean, great-smelling healthy water in them. Why? Well, part of it is due to filtration, and the rest is because of old school water care products. Once customers get a chance to try out Oregon Hot Tub water, they can absolutely tell the difference in water treated with SilkBalance, or our exclusive ACE Salt Water System. Yes, part of what you feel like when you’re in the tub is important…but, once you experience how you feel and how your skin feels after sitting in our water? Well, you’ll be an absolute enthusiast for Hot Spring Spas and Oregon Hot Tub.

Think of the test soak as your “test drive” to good health. There are worse things you could do when shopping for a hot tub, after all.

We’re ready for you to hop in…are you? Schedule your test soak today!