Featured Hot Tubs: Envoy & Grandee

Sometimes, we all want to trade in a reliable “thing” for the latest, greatest “thing.” If you describe your hot tub as vintage or have simply outgrown it, we would like to introduce the family-friendly Hot Spring Envoy and Grandee.

The Envoy has seating for the average family size–five. While the Grandee is perfect for a family of up to seven. To learn more about these family-friendly hot tubs, visit our Envoy and Grandee pages.

During May, you can trade in your “vintage” or out-grown hot tub for a NEW Envoy or Grandee–at special pricing and financing (see store for details). Need to trade in for a smaller hot tub? We can do that, too.

Visit us for a free test soak. If you’re too busy to come to us, we’ll come to you for a free in-home consultation. And as always, trade-ins are welcome.