Experience the exciting new changes in Hot Spring Spas

Hot Spring Spas has been a leader and industry innovator in the world of hot tubs practically since their introduction in 1977. Not only have they advanced the hydromassage available in today’s hot tubs, they’ve also been the leader in creating more natural water care options, alternative cabinets to traditional wood…the list is long. It’s one of the reasons we’re proud to be a Hot Spring dealer.

For 2014, Hot Spring took their premiere collection of tubs to an entirely new level. We’ve now received a number of the 2014 Hot Spring Highlife Collection Spas and we, like many of our customers who have seen them, are uttering A LOT of “Ooohs” and “Aaaahs”.

Hot Spring employed BMW Designworks USA to take their entire line of spas and re-design them, focusing on…well…everything. The result is an incredibly luxurious, visually stunning product unlike any other hot tub available today.

Here’s just a sampling of the changes made to the entire collection:

  • All new Everwood HD cabinetry. This new alternative wood cabinet is stunning. The horizontal slat design with black accent grooves is striking. All three cabinet colors are contemporary and attractive—Mocha, Monterey Gray and a luscious Teak.
  • Stunning new shell colors. Every shell color is new and rich! Choose from Crème, Alpine White, Ice Gray, Desert & Tuscan Sun.
  • The interior of each tub has become expansive. While the dimensions of the tubs have remained the same, new designs and a tighter corner radius have resulted in roomier interiors with lots of room to relax in style.
  • Updated jet designs. The introduction of an invigorating new SoothingStream® jet adds yet another option to the incredibly jet variety that is a benchmark of Hot Spring Spas. And, our patented Moto-Massage® DX jet has been re-designed, allowing for increased back massage by the dual jets that sweep up and down your back. And, each Moto-Massage seat has been enhanced with new jets for the hips!
  • Our best-selling large spa, the Grandee®, has been graced with the addition of an all-new wireless remote control panel! Seated on the bar top of the tub in its own rechargeable dock, it is waterproof and operates all of the tub’s operations on its colorful touch screen. This feature has also been added to the newly re-designed Envoy®.

When you take a look at this new collection, and consider the other options available for the line—ACE Salt Water Care, Bluetooth Wireless Music, wireless TV…well, it’s hard for us not to get really excited about the 2014 Hot Spring Highlife Collection!

You’re absolutely going to love what you see. Visit one of our showrooms soon and take a peek at our exciting new collection. You won’t believe your eyes!