How do you escape holiday stress? In your sauna!

Yep, the holidays are here. So much to do—shopping, Christmas cards (hopefully you still send them!), holiday parties, kid functions, travel, dinner planning…the to-do list increases but the amount of time to accomplish everything just stays the same.

How do you keep the stress at a minimum and keep yourself in the holiday spirit? Take a sauna every morning. Regardless of whether you retreat to a traditional steam or infrared sauna, both will do wonders.

Starting your day out with a half hour in your sauna will definitely get you in the right frame of mind to tackle what lies ahead. Too many of us run through the functions of the day, get stress galore, and then come home to try and relax and get rid of the stress. Why not arm yourself at the start of the day to be prepared for what lies ahead?

Something that certainly helps put you in the holiday mood and is a nice start to the day in your sauna is a cup of peppermint tea. Not only will it taste like the holidays, it will also help you waken to start your day. Take your peppermint tea to the sauna and spend a minimum of 30 minutes inside. Let the warmth rush extra blood to your brain, and aid your body in releasing endorphins. Not only does endorphin release put you in a good mood, it also aids your body deal with pain and stress relief. (What better way to start the day!)

The holidays can be a joyful time. Take care of yourself each day with a sauna session to help you elevate your mood and minimize your stress. It’s the best gift you can give yourself!