Enjoy Your Hot Tub this Winter with a Covana Gazebo Cover

As an avid enjoyer of hot tubs and spas, you know how important it is to keep yours safe when winter comes knocking. An excellent solution for your swim spa winter woes is to try a cover from Covana

What makes Covana covers different from the rest? These revolutionary covers enable you to enjoy the benefits of owning a hot tub or swim spa on your terms. 

Fully Automated Swim Spa Covers

While some spa covers might be excellent high-quality insulators, they are challenging to lift on your own. Dragging the cover on and off repeatedly isn’t something anyone wants to do, especially during winter. It could even deter you from wanting to use your spa at all. After all, if the point is to recover and rest your achy muscles, what good is it to add to the problem right before you hop in?

A hallmark of the Covana covers is that they are fully automated, so there’s no manual lifting required. You can raise or lower the cover using a safety key switch. It’s more than just convenience — it’s breaking down barriers to entry so you can use your tub or swim spa without having to strain yourself. 

Optimal Heat Retention

Going with a standard cover with decent insulation might cut it, but what about when the temperatures plummet? How hard will your system work to keep the water at the right temperature?

There’s little point in having a swim spa cover that isn’t energy efficient. Covana has you covered. The technology includes a weather-sealing system to keep cold air out. The high heat retention translates to a more comfortable swimming experience and lower energy costs.

Better heat retention also means less work for your system. Your tub or spa is already working overtime to fend off the elements, so giving it a fighting chance with a Covana cover ensures you won’t be shelling out to have your system fixed. 

The seal also helps prevent too much evaporation. While this doesn’t seem that significant at first glance, you’ll lose a lot of water to evaporation throughout the year — water you usually put costly chemicals into to keep clean. The Covana covers can help you save money long-term by requiring you to use fewer chemicals, giving you some breathing room between maintenance tasks.

Elegant and Stylish

Your average swim spa cover might not offer much in terms of looks. But if it stands out like a sore thumb against the rest of your backyard’s aesthetic, it might be time to find one that does.

The Covana hot tub and swim spa covers have a streamlined, modern look. If you appreciate aesthetics, you’ll get the most value from these state-of-the-art covers and gazebos.

Quality Materials

If you want a cover to withstand everything winter throws its way, then you need something well-made by a reputable company. Otherwise, you risk replacing your cover prematurely and spending even more than you intend on a replacement.

You won’t worry about that with Covana’s spa covers. They are shockingly durable and long-lasting. A cover can hold up to 600 lbs of snow and can still easily open with around 200 lbs on top of it. These are well-constructed pieces that can withstand any kind of winter storm and are built with longevity in mind.

Enhanced Privacy

Enjoying a hot tub is easy — unless you’re constantly worrying about whether the neighbors can see you. How can you relax if there’s an easy line of sight right into your swim spa?

Covana hot tub covers give that extra boost of privacy you need. Traditional covers don’t double as a way to shield you from prying eyes, but the gazebo is itself a privacy measure! And it’s easy to add retractable privacy screens to carve out a private oasis without making significant adjustments to your backyard.

Get Covered With Oregon Hot Tubs and Covana

With winter fast approaching, it’s never been a better time to invest in a Covana cover or gazebo for your spa. And Oregon Hot Tubs can help you find the perfect fit! Reach out to us today to learn more about the Covana covers and our other fantastic products.